Thursday, September 08, 2011

Reflections: Fashion's Night Out Dallas

Another FNO has come and gone and I had a great time!  I first had to get over the fact that Barneys in Dallas wasn't celebrating - at all!  I went in there 3 different times - OK 4 times. (I must have been waiting for a party to materialize out of thin air! Ha!)

I had a blast with the crew in Elie Tahari - they were so nice and they had a live model who was very cute!

The DJ at Neiman Marcus was amazing!  I forced myself to leave while singing along to Dancing Queen.  No one wanted to leave the store because every song she spun was cooler than the next

Apparently, the place to be was Highland Park Village!  I had to park 5 blocks away and just pray my car was still there when I got back! Thankfully it was!  They had tents set up reminiscent of Bryant Park (*insert nostalgic sigh*) and had 2 fashion shows in addition to all of the cool things the individual stores had going.

I read somewhere that the Dallas Galleria was not to be outdone!  In addition to all of the awesome store specials, they had a runway the entire length of the mall.  I didn't make it out there but I was certainly tempted to see and give high fives to the models that walked a runway that long!

I am happily wiped out, full of way too much champagne and way too many little sweets and ready to stream runway shows! Happy Fashion Week! :)


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fashion's Night Out 2011

It's the eve of Fashion's Night Out 2011 and I'm so excited! It kind of reminds me of a Halloween for Fashionistas! Shopping, music, drinks, fun!

I think I'll start "trick or treating" at Barney's and Neiman Marcus and then over to some of the specialty shops! Who knows?  Maybe the nail bar at Chanel, or the stimulation of all 5 senses at DVF, or champagne and scarf tying at Hermes - so many great, fun options!

What a great start to Fashion Week - this was such an amazing idea!  How will you be celebrating tomorrow?