Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Cuteness

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween.  I'll occasionally dress up and go and hang out, but it's not really my thing.  I am, however, a sucker for adorable kids dressed up in costumes. So, in the holiday spirit, let's revisit the adorable Toddlewood pics done by photographer and artist, Tricia Messeroux.

Have a great Halloween and be safe, Dolls!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Max Mara + Jennifer Garner

...equals beautiful!

I can't believe I just stumbled upon this ad campaign last week at the spa! This ad is so beautifully done, I couldn't stop looking at it.  I love a nice, camel coat and think everyone should have one in their closet - it's a staple even if you live in hot climates like me!  Hey! When it gets cold in Texas for that one day a year, I want to step out in something breathtaking!  

This is one of my favorite colors for a garment, handbag, or shoe, which would definitely explain why I used to think only of this shade of "nude" before my shoe conversation with my friend and the post I shared a few months ago.  Way to go, Max Mara! Beautiful girl and beautiful coat!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dress Your Little People Like Vogue Icons for Halloween

I just stumbled upon the cutest thing!  As all self respecting Dallas Girls, I read and follow our local publication, D Magazine and stumbled upon the best Halloween outfit ever.  If you disagree, you are not a true fashionista! Of course, after seeing the first picture, I had to click on the website the D Magazine referenced, Oh Happy Day and the Miniature Anna Wintour was just the beginning!  Just sit back and grin at the super cuteness, then carry on with your great day! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

House of Versace

Lifetime Television recently aired the movie, House of Versace.  At first, I could not decide if I really wanted to watch it.  I usually like my entertainment mindless and incredibly light - life is stressful enough without watching sad stressful movies and television shows in my opinion!  I thought this would be a hard movie to watch because I of course remember when Gianni Versace was tragically and senselessly murdered and I remember reading about how hard a time Donatella had dealing with such a horrible loss.  You see where I'm going with this, right?  I totally expected a Greek tragedy (of the Italian variety, of course) that would leave curled up in a ball in the corner somewhere!  I know, I can be a bit melodramatic...

I am so glad that I watched it anyway!  House of Versace was a great movie!  The cast and crew did an amazing job of portraying the great love this family had for each other and the passion they had for creating beautiful clothes and accessories.  Gina Gershon, who played Donatella, completely transformed into her.  I think it was an excellent portrayal of the fashion icon.

This is definitely a movie I have to have in my DVD collection when they release it.  If you missed it, you absolutely have to catch a rebroadcast whether you're a fashionista or not.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Start preparing your wysh lysts! Neiman Marcus released it's Christmas book last week.  I can't believe it's' almost Holiday time!  Where has the year gone?  What dream items would you like to have?

I like the idea of the tripungous (my made up word when big, huge, and gargantuan just don't seem to fit) television for outside.  Can you say, "EPIC Super Bowl Party"?

There are also lots of cool, attainable gift ideas in the book. Nice little trinkets as well as the electronic accessories we can't live without.  I may have to snag a pair or two of those city flats.

Click, fantasize for a bit and enjoy!

Click here for Christmas Book