Wednesday, May 06, 2015

China: Through the Looking Glass - Met Gala 2015

What better time to jump back into the fabulous world of fashion than to talk about the Met Gala?  As I’m sure you know, the Met Gala is a costume ball with a theme, so it is always amusing to me when people criticize the people who dress according to the theme on the red carpet.  That’s the whole point of a costume ball with a theme!

Since the theme was centered around China, red is the obvious and safe choice; then there was plenty of pretty red dresses on the carpet. I, however, want to point out and give my best dressed accolades to those who went all out and took the theme seriously!

Lots of red and dragons were expected for this red carpet, but guess who nailed it without going the safe route! Are you surprised – I’m not surprised one bit! Big Bird memes be damned! Rihanna (and that dress) made the theme come alive!  The memes and other photos poking fun at her dress were funny, though!

Next in my “Nailed it” category is Red Carpet Queen Sarah Jessica Parker!  Twitter is really giving her a hard time about her headdress, but it is absolutely in keeping with the theme of the evening.  It’s not like she wore the thing to the Oscars Red Carpet!   Yes, I said, “that thing” because it is a LOT and she is definitely “doing the most” but that is what you’re supposed to do at the Met Gala! The memes and photos poking fun at her were hilarious, too!  That’s OK, SJP, you owned that carpet as usual!

Those were my two favorite outfits.  Here are some others!  I may reserve commentary to keep from throwing any unnecessary shade!  I do not want my return from hiatus to be snarky!

Anne Hathaway in a Ralph Lauren hoodie! Love, love, love that hood!

Katy Perry got into the spirit of the evening’s theme in Moschino.

I would love to see a photo of the back of this dress, but as always, Solange does “out of the box” with great taste!

Kendall Jenner was super cute in Calvin Klein – I would totally wear that dress! I’d wear that one on the photo bomber, too!  Who is that?

There were many other really cute dresses on the red carpet last night – some were great costumes and others just great dresses. Overall, most of the attendees looked awesome on the Red Carpet. I really liked Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kerry Washington, and Cher, to name a few.  The ones that made my lyst, however, are the ones I kept going back to view several times.  I still can’t stop looking at this Calvin Klein on Kendall! I think it’s my favorite non-costume ensemble.

Until next time…