Monday, May 02, 2011

Modern Fairy Tale

So, Prince William made Katherine Middleton a real life princess in a beautiful, real life fairy tale wedding Friday.  I have not seen the wedding yet but I feel as though I have because of all of the media footage. I have to say it was a bit much (but really, when doesn't the media overdo it?)!

I can't wait to see the actual ceremony even though I have looked at that beautiful dress from every angle.  Princess Katherine was gorgeous like we all knew she would be in her gown that was reminiscent of Grace Kelly's wedding gown.  The Sarah Burton design for the house of Alexander McQueen was a beautiful choice.

Pippa's dress was a little more risqué. It could be, of course, because she wasn't about to become a princess! It was sexier than the Duchess' dress but it was no less lovely and elegant. I loved it as well. Thank you, Royal Family, for giving the world a small thrill! 

Congratulations Prince William and Princess Katherine!

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