Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Controversial Olympic Gear

Nike was the official outfitter for this year's Olympic games in London and they have come under fire for one of their ladies' shirts.  Some have voiced that the shirts - that say "Gold Digging" -  are sexist and offensive.  I have read some comments on other sites suggesting more positively charged references to competing for gold medals but I don't know...

Could it be that we are taking ourselves a bit too seriously by being offended by a cheeky phrase on a t-shirt?  I would love to hear the thoughts of my fab fashionistas!


  1. well, do they have a male version of the same shirt??

    (found you on bloggers, check out my post on the Olympics?


  2. I think this t-shirt is funny. Some people just need to not make things political. I think it was a clever pun thrown WAY out of proportion!

  3. No male version. However, the males I know that would wear this would want the girly fit! LOL

    I agree - I think it's funny and would even consider wearing it! Thank you so much for reading!

  4. I actually love it!:)
    xx Kate