Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Winter Outerwear Wysh Lyst

It's coat season and according to our Queen, Anna Wintour, the overcoat is the new purse this season! Thanks a lot, Queen Anna!  We get about 2 days a year to wear coats in the South so I can't change coats like I do my handbags.  However, a girl can window shop and dream, right?  I can also maybe plan trips to cold climates - Christmas shopping in New York or Chicago, skiing in Colorado...

So, as soon as I get the news about overcoats, I start cyber shopping and window shopping at my favorite places and ran into a few problems.  First, coats are bulky and they have to be to keep you warm - especially those cozy puffers.  However, I really try not to wear anything bulky that hides my figure because then I think it's OK to curl up with ice cream and fried rice on a regular basis! So not good! So, when I'm coat shopping, I look for outerwear that is not bulky if possible.  That works for me because I'm in Texas and rarely need big, warm coats anyway.  I did run across some true cold weather coats that I liked and made the lyst even though I may never need them.

My next issue was the 3/4 sleeve length coats.  Really - what's up with that? So, I only need to keep warm from the elbow up?  I'm confused about that so clearly none of those made my lyst...

One more issue: fur.  So, I'm not one of those extreme PETA type people, but wearing fur is just strange to me. I'll play with fake fur (I have a super cute faux fur vest) but the idea of real animal fur on my body kind of freaks me out.  Guess what else didn't may my lyst! 

Other than that, there were lots of coats that I really liked (of course - shopaholic that I am).  Some were conservative and will stand the tests of time and other were quirky, trendy, and fun.  See some of my picks below! What are you currently loving with outerwear?

BCBG Trench Coat with leather sleeves

St. John Collection Glittered Double Breasted Topper -Neiman Marcus

Biker chick trend! Bagatelle Mixed Media Open Front Jacket

Burberry Brit Quilted Band Back Jacket


  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Great choices, love these pieces! :)