Thursday, January 15, 2015

Golden Globes Gems

Guess who got caught up in a Netflix binge and missed the Globes? I didn't even catch the red carpet!  So, for the last few days, my “FOMO” has kicked in completely and I have been all over the internet looking at dresses…and judging!

Simple and elegant are always my favorite looks.  You have to wear the clothes, not the other way around, especially when it comes to evening wear.  Here are some of the stars that looked good at the Globes.

I am always happy to see this lady on a red carpet! I am a bit biased when it comes to Jen because she is my friend in my head.  She kept it simple and sexy and she looked great in Saint Laurent! Good job, my friend in my head! :) 

Julianne Moore is all sparkly and cute in Givenchy Haute Couture.  I love the sparkle and like that the dress plays with the fringe trend from fall.  This is a great example of including a trend into a classic silhouette!

Prada really should do more gowns.  Ruth Wilson looked really pretty in this modern classic.  I love the clean lines in this dress and the seams in Prada pieces are always impeccable.  

Tiny Fey, in Antonio Berardi,and Amy Poehler, in Stella McCartney
This dress Amy Poehler is wearing on stage should have been her red carpet dress.  I made this same comment about one of her looks last year, too.  Hey, Amy!  I’m available to dress you!  I guarantee, you’ll kill it on the red carpet if I do!  She should have hit that carpet in this piece and just stood there for a good 10 minutes with her hands on her hips like Wonder Woman!  That’s what I would have done, anyway!
I love that these funny ladies are also just that – ladies, and they look incredible all the time.

Pants are a risk, but Lorde made it work in Narciso Rodriguez! She is super cute and Royals is still one of my favorite songs!

I’m just going to go on and say it!  These young girls are having a hard time nowadays because women all over (not just celebrities) are aging fantastically! Just about everybody on my dressed list is over 40 and I did not do that on purpose!

Dame Helen is gorgeous in Dolce and Gabbana! I just love her! 

Lena got it right this time in Zac Posen!  That’s all…

Another funny lady who always nails it on the red carpet is Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  She looked white hot in a custom Narciso Rodriguez.

Katie Holmes looked beautiful in a custom Marchesa gown in my favorite color!

Quvenzhané Wallis steals the show in custom Giorgio Armani. I have heard good things about Annie and can’t wait to see it!  One of my friends keeps calling it “Black Annie” like there’s another version currently out there in theaters or something. 

Christine Baranski was gorgeous in Zac Posen.

In  Prada. 
He could have been wearing a jumpsuit from the flea market and still make any list I create!  This just happens to be his first red carpet appearance that I've managed to catch!  #leswoon


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