Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'll take MANHATTAN!!!

I'm spending time in one of the most (if not the most) awesome cities in the world and I am absolutely LOVING simply window shopping in the shoppers mecca!  What I'm loving more is the people watching-the great fashions on the streets! It rained our second day in town so I happily grabbed my rain boots and hit the streets! (While desperately wanting to belt out "Singing in the Rain"!)

Side note - I also have the irresistible urge to want to sing every song I've ever heard that has anything to do with New York!  I've done a good job resisting so far, but it was really hard on Broadway!

I'm also enjoying all of the random trivia I'm learning!
  • The Statue of Liberty was made of copper because the artist knew that the salt air would turn it that green color and he thought that green would look good in the waters of the Hudson River
  • The city of Fort Worth (my dear city's sister) is named after a New Yorker and he has a statue in Manhattan.  (OK - I probably should have known that...)
  • New Yorkers absolutely cannot stand "that chick that broke up The Beatles" (John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono)! They won't ever speak her name! It's like the people in the Harry Potter books are about Voldemort! :)
  • Random side note:  I'm not a big fan of potatoes or chicken but those street vendors in NY are masters of both!
  • Random side note #2:  I would now like to live in the middle of Times Square! Right under the Diddy Ciroc ad! Ha!

Fascinating! More to come, I"m sure - KNICKS and St. Patty's day tomorrow - stay tuned...

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