Sunday, September 15, 2013

Anna Sui

Anna Sui's inspiration came from - according to the review - the Pre-Raphaelites of Victorian England.  Since I clearly missed that lesson in Art History class, I saw haute hippy meets boho chic meets updated fairy tales! You know - Snow White and the Hot Huntsman (that's the name of the movie in my mind!), Ever After, The Brothers Grimm...

At first, I thought that these pieces were intriguing to look at and that I wouldn't find anything that I would actually love to own.  Usually, this is how I choose my favorite picks from the runway shows and I thought I'd have a slightly different lyst this time.  However, as I perused the show, I totally decided that there were pieces in this collection that I would love to own and would wear in a heartbeat.  The Anna Sui show also further enabled my fascination with the adorable Liu Wen.  I love how she smiles! It's like she actually likes her job - imagine that!  I do also have to admit that I did not love the men's pieces, but I do like how Anna Sui showed garments for men as well as women.  See my favorites below...

This look isn't really one of my picks, but I love that Liu Wen is always smiling! 

Liu's not smiling!  I didn't recognize her! Still a super cute girl!

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