Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let’s Hear it for the Boys! They've Got Spring Fever, Too!

It was great to see the men at the Oscars thinking outside of the box with their tuxedos the other day. It got me thinking that more attention should be paid to men’s fashions. Most of the time some people say men are easy or maybe even boring to dress, but there are lots of easy, cool, and creative things that guys can do to change up their look and those who do it all of the time are great at it. The most important aspect of an impeccably dressed man is a good tailor so those suits, shirts, and separates fit perfectly along with a subtle mix of suit colors – black is not the only color for a suit! Branch out with brown, navy, gray, or even try taking a risk with a deep merlot or emerald color (but maybe just for a tuxedo on a special occasion). Smart accessorizing is also important to give the look that extra touch of polish. Since we all have spring fever right now, let’s talk about travel (preferably somewhere warm and sunny)! 

So, you've got your guy a great travel outfit; complete with great shoes which are the most important part of a man’s ensemble. The next important thing for travel is a great carry on bag. Check out my Wysh Lyst for men’s travel below. You may just want to buy these great bags for yourself and let your guy borrow them… 

Alfred Dunhill Sherborne Grip Bag

Coach Bleecker Shopper in Bar Stripe Leather

Ralph Lauren Quilted Duffel Bag

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  1. Wow! These bags are awesome.
    I really love the Alfred Grip Bag.
    These bags can also be used by womens!

    Ashley xx