Tuesday, July 05, 2016

…but they’re PRADA!!!

I have the best conversations with my friends. We really need a reality show or something.  Of course, fashion is one of the topics we discuss most frequently. One of my conversations with my good friend, Tes, went something like this:

Me: So, I drank too much last night at the event and fell on my ass – but not necessarily in that order…

Tes: How the hell did you manage to fall? You mean to tell me you really fell? Like, hit the ground?

Me. Yep!  This guy was flirting with me at the bar; he said something witty; and I threw my head back to laugh and landed on my bottom! It hurts like a mother!

Tes: You had on those damn shoes, didn’t you? I thought I told you to get rid of those!

Me: But they’re PRADA!!!

Yes. My friends and I are beautiful and brilliant…but every now and then; we’re shallow! This is one of my shallow moments.  These shoes are fabulous. And they’re Prada! And I cannot walk in them. At all! I have learned that I can only wear them if I’m walking very short distances and I have to walk very slowly and carefully; and if I’m spending all – not most but all – of the event in a seat!

Still, I refuse to get rid of them – because they’re PRADA!!! And they’re quirky. And I love them!

So, of course, Tes posts this on my Facebook wall the next day...

(We are obsessed with Will & Grace.)

So, if I’m out and about with these shoes on and you see me walking very carefully and leaning and sitting and definitely NOT dancing; just do me a favor, friends…

Brace to catch me if I make a misstep!

The things we do in the name of fashion…particularly Prada!



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