Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammys 2014

I absolutely love awards show season.  Especially now that Facebook and Twitter are a part of our daily lives, it is even more fun to post and chat with friends (and frenemies) in real time about the show.  The Grammys are, of course, among the most colorful of the awards shows and the red carpet fashion is without a doubt the most entertaining.  This is because musicians are the quirkiest of artists and you never, ever know what they are going to turn up in on that red carpet.

The show was pretty good – nothing we’ll be talking about in 20 years but entertaining enough- but my favorite performances were Lorde’s “Royals”- my favorite song right now; and Carol King with Sarah Bareilles.  I always enjoy the old school/new school collaborations.  This year’s red carpet, however, was pretty boring!  That dress code CBS imposed last year must still be in effect!  There were some questionable ensembles.  Pharrell’s Smokey the Bear hat had its own twitter account before the show was over and Arby’s asked him for their hat back!  He replied to them asking if they were trying to start a “roast beef”!  Too funny!  I love that guy!  Even though there were still more risks than we generally see at the Oscars, Globes, or Emmys; they really didn’t work well (or horribly) enough to even mention.

I did, however, pick a few celebs that I thought looked classically pretty so I’d like to celebrate them here!

Ciara and her baby bump were adorable in Emilio Pucci
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Taylor Swift was cute in her “mother of the bride” Gucci.  I know – that was border line shade, but really!  That dress could have easily been a mistake!
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Miranda Lambert in Pamella Roland      
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Amber Rose is in Naeem Khan!  She has never made my best dressed list before!  The first time I saw her last night I immediately liked her photo.  Then, I just as quickly crossed her off the list when I figured out it was her!  After watching Wendy Williams, I put Amber back on my list because of why Wendy chose her!  Wendy Williams chose Amber as one of her favorites because she had the good sense to cover up those tattoos!  Now, I am not anti-ink but I do believe they can mess up a red carpet look and should be covered when you’re dressing up.  Great decision, Amber!  You looked very elegant last night!
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My other two favorites didn't hit the red carpet and it was tough to find photos or even who they were wearing.  I guess the squeaky wheels are the ones who get the most attention even if they aren’t the most deserving even in the entertainment business.  (That wasn’t shade either!  I promise! *wink*)

Queen Latifah looked good.  I think the gown was Carmen Marc Volvo but I cannot confirm!  Finding photos of this girl was impossible!

Also, Julia Roberts looked hot in what I believe was on an Elie Saab runway recently.  I honestly thought she was pretty but I will go ahead and admit she is one of my favorite celebrities and would make my lists in a potato sack!

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