Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Fashion World of John Paul Gaultier

I finally made it to the Gaultier Exhibit. All I can say is breathtaking and stunning!  I have to go back a couple of more times to fully absorb it.  I so wish we could have taken pictures! The one below is a shot of the first room you enter and the 3rd mannequin from the left is Gaultier speaking about his life and the exhibit.

<---JPG welcoming his guests!

My favorite room in the exhibit was a re-creation of a city street with a runway in the middle and a fashion show happening. In that room was one of my favorite pieces - it is a ball gown worn by SJP at the MTV Awards in 2000 when she hosted - I would totally wear that dress!  There was another faded denim ball gown that I would not mind owning! I have NO idea where I could wear either without creating quite a stir...


  1. What Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing is really cool because of the Navy print!

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  3. I envy you!!!
    Great post!

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    Aishwarya, that is actually camouflage - it is so super different and super cute! I'm looking for other pics of the dress...