Monday, January 30, 2012

Music for Your Manic Monday

So, in addition to fashion, I am also absolutely crazy about music, and art in all forms.  I have decided to incorporate that into my blog with movies and music on Mondays (since it sounds good with the catchy alliteration and all...) and art on Wordless Wednesdays. Since art is subjective to the viewer, I am going to share art in different mediums - painting, photography, sketches, etc... - that have moved me in some significant way.

After getting the Bergdorf Goodman e-mail about Christian Louboutin's anniversary, my mind immediately went to Janet Jackson's 20 Y. O. project from 2006.  Yes, I can put a song into just about any situation - it's a gift!  I have to shamefully admit, however, that even though I own Janet's 20 Y.O. project, I have clearly never listened to it because I was so outdone when there wasn't an actual song that shared the title of the project! This has just messed up my whole vibe today!

Since I absolutely adore Janet Jackson and am probably a bigger Janet fan than a Michael fan (hey video game people - give me a Janet dance game!!!!), I'm going to get over it and still share some of the music that was the soundtrack to my adolescence!

Manic Monday is over so sit back, relax, and bob your heads with me, Party People!

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