Monday, January 23, 2012

Two couture pieces I Need in My Closet!

Apparently, you could take photos at the Gaultier Exhibit when it was in Montreal.  I finally found photos of these two dresses that I would like to own. The camo gown took over 300 hours to create!  I found that fact to be quite amazing - there was one dress in the exhibit that took over 1000 hours! That is dedication to, and love for your craft!  Here's hoping Monsieur Gaultier will see and send an original to a cute small time (for now) fashion enthusiast who has been daydreaming about his beautiful pieces...


  1. wow those are some fancy looking dress lol

    the ugly moments

  2. Yes they are! :)

  3. Wow. I love that first dress, its amazing. Thanks for sharing

  4. Thank you for reading, Paper Boy! Your illustrations are very nice!

  5. The clothes are amazing - I would love to own them too :D
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    Joanna from

  6. As I promissed, I'm following you back!!

    Thank u so much for visiting and following!!


  7. Thank you, Joanna and Carolina!

  8. I agree with Paper Boy, the first dress is very nice.