Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston

I am so heartbroken and stunned about Whitney Houston.  As a singer - she was my inspiration and in high school I sang many, many of her songs.  She had one of the greatest voices the world has ever had the privilege of hearing and I was so very much rooting for her to come back and reclaim her throne.

I am deeply sad for her mother and daughter.  I am also really sad for her friend and pastor, Kim Burrell who is a gospel singer with a magnificent voice as well. She is the perfect example of how a loyal and true friend should be and was such a beautiful and great friend to Whitney.

This is just too sad to fathom. I'm so overwhelmed.  Even at her worse; she still sang rings around most of today's entertainers. Hers was the rare voice that touched your very soul.  I can only imagine how beautiful she sounds in Heaven.

We will always love you, Whitney.  You will always be considered one of the best...

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