Saturday, February 04, 2012

Endnotes - Couture

There were not too many couture lines this year and I have not posted some of my usual favorite designers because their shows were so  - odd! (Yes that's the word!)  Gaultier had an Amy Winehouse theme going on.  I miss her and liked her music, but I wasn't loving her essence on runway. The models at Givenchy had on facial jewelry that looked sort of like mustaches. The clothes were nice - they had a dark edge.  However, whatever that was on the model's faces just was not working for me!

One designer that caught my eye was Alexis Mabille.  I have to admit that I had never heard of her until this season.  I really liked her collection and the way she presented it.  She actually made "florals" for spring something Miranda Priestly would give accolades!  A few of my favorite looks are below.  Fashion Week New York City is next week!  So exciting!!!


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  3. lovely blog, those headpieces are certainly eccentric!

  4. Love the huge flower head pieces and the colors of the collection are awesome.

  5. The headpieces certainly caught my attention!