Friday, February 10, 2012

Peter Som

Peter  Som was full of cool surprises!  As I'm going through the slideshow, my eyes get used to the white hot theme, then - BAM!  My favorite neutral - brown!  I'm reveling in the beautiful brown (because I'm a brown girl!) - here comes the black!

So, I'm thinking at this point, "Peter Som is doing some great things with the neutrals". Then - POW! Cute, bright prints!  Then he mixed in some cute solid dark green pieces and some deep bordeaux pieces with nice cuts and lines.  There was also some diversity in the textures that he chose for the collection.  I'm not really a big fan of fur unless it's faux fur- mostly just because my nerd girl allergies won't allow it - but there were even some fur pieces that I really liked.

My art eye never got bored.  I would imagine you couldn't have blinked at this show or you would have missed something fantastic.  Several faves below to give you an idea of the versatility.


I would wear the heck out of this last piece and just have to be "sneezey" all day! Who would notice?

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