Monday, February 13, 2012

Carolina Herrera

I can't do a "Music Monday" today! 

Alas, life goes on and there are still beautiful RTW pieces strutting down the fabulous runways in New York and I have some catching up to do!  Carolina Herrera's show was absolutely stunning.  I love going into her store here and trying on the garments in there, so I always like to see footage of her fashion shows.

The first thing I noticed was the models' big hair. I usually don't like big, bouffant hair (I know I'm from Texas and that's supposed to be "our thing" down here!), but I like how she did it just at the top and then straightened out in the back - just big enough.  I also liked the pieces where she combined blue and black - two neutrals that you rarely put together.  Then she did a cute take on her signature black and white.  Some of the whites were even ecru or eggshell instead of  stark white and there was lots of blending.  The show ended with pretty colorful  pieces.  My personal favorites are below - there are lots!




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