Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Donna Karan

It’s the 30th anniversary collection for Donna Karan and the pieces in this collection are, in her words, a tribute to New York City.  This came across perfectly because this collection represents in my mind what the quintessential New York woman looks like every day – sleek, urbane, sophisticated, and very well put together.  The collection was monochromatic; there were no prints and very few patterns, in black, grey, red, and white with one purple dress and a couple of brown pieces thrown in the mix.  There was great use of textile mixing and the thigh high boots on this runway were mind blowing without taking away from the garments.  I would, however, like those boots in every color!

You can view the entire collection at and my top picks are below!

Shades of grey in just about the only patterned piece…

More shades of grey…

White hot!

Warm + Cozy Camel

Just. Stunning!

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