Tuesday, February 25, 2014

London Fashion Week

I have had a hard time finding things to rave about on last week’s London runways.  The British; although I adore their accents - have always stricken me as odd in just about every other way. I guess this also holds true for the British fashion scene for me!  There were a few collections I checked out and below, a summary of my favorites.

Temperley London showed a couple of cute maxi dresses that I liked, because I'll always be a sucker for a maxi dress!

I was excited about Topshop because I really like the things I’ve seen since they started selling pieces in Nordstrom in the states so I looked through their collection about three times.  They seemed to be aiming for “effortlessly chic” this is what I kind of liked…

So!  Yep!  That’s all I’ve got!  Better luck in September, London!

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