Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pamella Roland

Pamella Roland landed on my radar the night of the Grammys when Miranda Lambert wore a sexy red number by the designer and I am so glad she did.  There was not one piece in her show that I did not absolutely love!  Pamella Roland has been doing shows that have been on since Spring 2013 – I will definitely be exploring those previous collections later.  This collection is glitzy; full of sequins, metallics, beads, and more sequins.  It is my personal opinion that there is no such thing as too much bling so the sparkly goodness was right up my alley!  The use of glitz was tastefully done, though, so for you boring, stuffy folks who don’t like lots of sparkle, there’s something here for you to love, too.  This presentation was done in a palette of black with shades of grey (I think the designers are getting ready for that movie coming out soon!), with some blue undertones and the occasional pop of deep red; one fantastic ombre gown in orange; and another ombre gown in purple.  There were also very small appearances of gold and flesh tones.

I tried to limit my favorites to 8 but that did not happen because I really like every look that came down the runway! View the whole collection here. My top picks are below…

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