Monday, February 24, 2014

Tom Ford

When fashion and music intersect, I am in my own personal heaven.  Sometimes, I learn about great new bands like St. Vincent at the DVF show and then sometimes a legendary music artist collides with a legendary fashion artist and it’s so much fun to see for me.  That being said, I am a huge hip hop fan because hip hop is the soundtrack to my adolescent years!  When Jay Z released “Magna Carta, Holy Grail” back in the summer and I first heard “Tom Ford”, I first had to make myself stop walking around saying, “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford” because that’s a little bit inappropriate in the regular world.  Then, I immediately wondered in my head if and how Tom Ford would incorporate the song in his next collection.  I was not disappointed! On the runway was a blinged out dress interpretation of the shirt Jay Z has worn in his concerts.  What a super cool shout out to Jay Z!  If I were a teenager, I would totally sell my soul to get one or make my own knock off!  Jay Z’s shirt can be acquired for about $65, Tom Ford’s “knock off” will set you back about $6500!

Encircled around the Jay Z hype was also a fantastic runway collection.  With pieces done in mostly black, white, and brown, the Tom Ford show was sleek and sexy with a nod the ‘60’s and the celebration of beautiful simplicity.  The girl is wearing the clothes – just as she should.  See the whole collection here.


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