Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Polo Ralph Lauren

I was once asked who I would choose if I had to pick just one designer to wear for the rest of my life.  Without hesitation, I said Ralph Lauren because he covers everything – casual, business, sport, evening, and even underwear.  He is also one of my favorite designers and I thought I knew everything about him! 

Well!  Ralph Lauren showed two collections in one show.  For the first time, he showed a Polo collection for women.  I could not believe that he had never done this but as I went through my closet looking for Ralph Lauren pieces that said Polo, I don’t have any.  They all say Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Black, even Rugby but no Polo - not even my Olympic and Pink Pony t-shirts.  Then, I went to the website and pulled up the women’s Polo shirts since I don’t own any– they are Ralph Lauren Blue Label!  I cannot believe I never knew this but you learn something new every day and I found this piece of fashion trivia completely fascinating!

The collection was youthful and sporty.  Some looks had a black base with the occasional splash of color; while others had the RL countryside vibe.  It was the quintessential Ralph Lauren style that many of us know and love with a fresh, new twist.  The full collection can be seen on style.com and a couple of my favorite picks are below!


  1. I love Ralph Lauren too, no one can recreate that preppy and classic style as good as he can.



  2. I know, right! Thank you so much for reading!